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East Africa - Decaf Blend

Lot Name: East Africa Blend
Location: Ethiopia and Uganda
Cultivar: Mixed 
Process: Sparkling Water Decaffeinated
Altitude: 1800 - 2100masl
Taste Notes: Apple, Dark Chocolate and Citrus

Roaster Notes: This coffee has been through a decaffeinated process using sparkling water and has taste notes of Apple, Dark Chocolate and Citrus. It's a good all rounder for filter and espresso based drinks. Best for the caffeine free coffee lovers, or if you're like me - enjoy a coffee all day but your caffeine levels are maxed out!

East Africa - Decaf Blend

  • About

    This is our first exploration into decaf coffee after a few requests. On the search for a small batch decaf, ethically processed at an affordable price was hard to find. Then, we stumbled upon Falcon Micro's latest offering - a blend from Ethiopia and Uganda.


    Uganda Component

    The Coffee Gardens have been working with the farmers who produced this micro-lot for the past five years. They know each and every farming family as they live on the mountain about 600 metres above thier washing station. Within hours of being picked, coffee cherries are carried down to our station in 50 kg bags by “runners” – a team of nearly 160 women and men employed from the local community. This coffee is pulped before undergoing TCG’s signature fermentation method involving a pre-wash, a long soak in cold mountain spring water, and then a gentle long fermentation lasting forty hours before a final wash. This coffee is meticulously sorted at 12 different stages before export.


    Ethiopian Component

    Fahem has organised 754 out grower farmers that are distributed across the districts namely Atnago farmers group. The sites are situated at altitude range of 1755-2010 masl.

    The company is committed to social responsibility affairs and supports the community in seedling raising and distribution, providing strong field technical support for out growers in agronomic aspects of coffee, grain mill establishment (two mills were established), school block building and the construction of kindergarten.

    Source: Falcon.Micro

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