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The Story

Hi, I'm Kate. My whole career has been mixed between coffee retail and specialty coffee. I have seen the complexity and demands of the specialty industry, as well as the home coffee drinker wanting to have that high quality drink at home, without knowing where to start.

Rockhopper Roaster came to fruition at a prime time for the specialty coffee industry. Green coffee is more accessible than ever, roasting facilities are at an all time high, and the education and awareness of the specialty market is the best it's ever been. It's about time I shared my love of coffee to the specialty world too, combining the education needed in the specialty world alongside the tips and tricks to getting awesome coffee at home, simply.

I am a one woman show, so every coffee selected, roasted, bagged and shipped is from yours truly. Occasionally with the help of my wife - so please excuse the odd wonky label!

The consumer will always be at the heart of what I do and I hope that my passion shines through in your journey with Rockhopper Roaster. 

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