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About Coffee


Our coffee
We source and roast only single origin specialty coffee which is graded 84 points or more on a 100 point scale. The coffee is ordered in small batches and roasted to order to ensure freshness every time. This means our coffees will change origins regularly to focus on the latest harvests around the globe.

Storage & best results
For best results, we would recommend storing your coffee in a dark cool cupboard away from moisture. We roast and ship coffee to order for the optimum freshness. To make the most of the coffee, we recommend only grinding coffee when you intend to drink it, and drinking between 1 - 8 weeks from the roast date.


Basic equipment
If you invest in anything, invest in a decent grinder. Specifically, a good quality burr grinder will ensure your beans are ground consistently every time. Water is a key component in the taste of your coffee. As a bare minimum, get a water filter - and remember to change the filter regularly! There is a whole science behind it that I recommend you read up on if you like a bit of geekery.

If you are wanting an Espresso Machine - look for one with a boiler, metal parts and 9 bar of pressure as the minimum.

Filter coffee is a little more forgiving in terms of equipment, but a precise set of scales will ensure you get the best results!

Want to learn more?

Check out our Instagram page for the best recipes. Interested in a bespoke training course? please feel free to get in touch.

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